About The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian church and registered charity, which has been fighting social inequality and transforming lives for over 150 years.

Salvation Army staff member at a centre drinking tea with a woman

Across the UK and the Republic of Ireland we have over 600 churches and community centres where we offer friendship, practical support and services to all who need them.

Our work includes but is not limited to support with: homelessness, modern slavery, poverty, debt advice, unemployment, addiction, campaigning and social policy, older people and isolation.

At The Salvation Army we help people like Stephen who have been forced to sleep on the streets. Stephen was sleeping rough for 15 months until he was referred on to a Salvation Army-run housing scheme in Ilford. Stephen’s is a story of hope and achievement. It shows how, with support from people like you, people really can turn their lives around.

Across the UK last year we:

  • Provided over 3,000 places every night in over 75 Lifehouses
  • Supported over 7,500 people through our Employment Plus service and assisted many into employment
  • Supported over 2,662 victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Creating a tribute fund will help us to provide for every person who turns to us; we will be able to offer them the support they need to survive the present and the hope they need to face the future.